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Feeling good today
✔️Alcohol. ✔️Nicotine. ✔️Caffeine.
1 year ago today, you asked me to be your girlfriend again and we got back together…

And it was the start of the happiest I had ever been…don’t you remember how great last summer was…?

But instead now, today I’m the saddest, the most depressed I’ve ever been because I dedicated over a year of my life to you, from being your girlfriend and being your best friend to being best friends and so much more…basically together for months and trying so damn hard all for you, trying to win you back and giving you my all no matter what! I always chose your happiness above my own…

And now you’ve throw me away like it all meant nothing…all my efforts, sacrifices, and love was worthless, in vain! Like I’m nothing, like I’m worthless! It utterly destroys me, my heart is torn to shreds and I am beyond hopeless…

You promised me on my birthday, after I was banned, that “everything will be okay”…that things wouldn’t change because I was banned! You promised me you’d always be there for me, that you’d never abandon me like so many others have! You promised so many things…and I trusted you!

Now I am so alone and so severely depressed…and you won’t even at least explain to me why this is happening, why you would do this to me after all I gave you and all we shared! It’s not fair…it’s not fucking fair! What have I done to deserve such crippling pain!

I want to just disappear…

She’s annoyed at me haha
My baby ❤
i thought iphone camera’s were supposed to be better than this? or is it just my phone?